Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday 9/19

If you read blog on 8/29, I said I had settled on making a version of Cinco de Mayo.  I even pulled the fabrics for it.  Yeah, about that...  Instead of Cinco, I decided on Fiesta! by Possibilities.  Cinco is the same blocks throughout, just changing the fabrics.  With Fiesta!, there are six different blocks, and you make several versions of them.  I'm liking that idea a lot.  The picture shows each of the six, which makes an interesting variety.  So that's the direction I'm going.  At least, today :-)

While I was on blogging vacation (since the 29th!) I quilted a quilt for a friend, but since it was virtually the same as the last one, I didn't take a picture.  Simple meandering, which, of course, was perfect for fabric with a camo design!  

I have another comfort quilt loaded right now, but for some reason, the tension keeps getting quirky.  I've tried a few things, even called HQ (which has wonderful customer service -- the tech called me back within 10 minutes!) and it's better.  So I have to work on that this weekend.  There's another one just like it next in line, but I don't think I'll do as much quilting on it.  I'm doing a quilting pattern that Diane Gaudynski calls headbands, and it takes a long time!!  Hard to see, but the green parts look trapunto'd because I've stitched around the inside and outside of it.  Kinda cool!  

Annabella's favorite thing in the whole world is playing in quilts!  Not so much fun when the bed is completely made, with everything flat and smooth.  But when it's all bunched up from sleeping under, taking a nap, or, as here, undone to wash sheets,  Annie goes bonkers!  She gets her mousie and she leaps around, digs under, grabs for meese under the folds, and has lots of quilt to get a toe-hold in order to zoom around on the bed!!  She's so silly.


  1. Love the start on the Fiesta quilt. What is it with unmade rumbled beds that fascinate pets? Mine does the same - even very 'un-helpful' when making them.

  2. ooooooohhhhh, Fiesta is so much better than Cinco. I love how it looks so far, can't wait to see it all together. And I'm right there with Annabelle. I love playing in the quilts too, and certainly not when they are all made up looking oh so nice. Just rolling in them, snuggling in them all bunched up here and there, is there anything better? I'm thinking no, not so much.

  3. Oh my goodness, you have a rag doll called Annabella!! I1ve never met another Annabella and now I `meet` a rag doll with the same name!

  4. Hi, Annabella! I couldn't reply directly to you -- you're "no reply" -- but I'm glad to meet you, and so is my Annie! I tried to come up with the most beautiful name in the world for my beautiful kitty, and Annabella was it!

  5. Your Annabelle reminds me so much of our old cat Beauty. She was such a sweetie.