Friday, October 21, 2011

Whoop Whoop! 10/21/11 and Pattern

WHAT?  It's Friday?!  When I was a career woman, Friday could not sneak up on me.  In retirement, it's totally different.  Or, I should say, the same!  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  So Whoop Whoop! Friday came unannounced.  But I do have something to be glad for -- I finished quilting a Christmas gift -- YAY!!!  And I typed up the instructions for it, as well.  One problem, though, is I can't seem to scan it in order to include the piecing diagram. So here are the directions, you'll have to look at the picture of the quilt to see how it's pieced.

60” Square
(takes five one-yard cuts of coordinating fabrics)

#1 - Large scale focus fabric
#2 - Small print that surrounds focus
#3 - Four-patches and binding
#4 - Four-patches and first small border
#5 - Medium scale focus for center of blocks and outer border
Plus 4 yards for backing.

Fabric #1 - Cut 3 strips 6 ½” wide
Subcut into 18 ea 6 ½” squares
Fabric #2 - Cut 18 strips 1 ½” wide
Subcut into 36 ea 1 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles 
and 36 ea 1 ½” x 8 ½” rectangles
Sew 6 ½” strips on two opposite sides of the 6 ½” square.  Sew 8 ½” strips to the other two sides.

Fabrics #3 and #4 - Cut 3 strips 4 ½” wide
Cut 3 strips 4 ½” wide
Sew a 4 ½” strip from each together.  You will have 3 strip sets that you will then subcut every 3”, this is Set 1.
Sew a 2” wide strip from each together.  You will have 3 strip sets that you will then subcut every 3”, this is Set 2. 

Fabric #5 - Cut 2 strips 3 ½” wide
Cut into 18 ea 3 ½” squares

Arrange and sew as in diagrams for Block A and Block B.  Then sew the top, alternating Blocks A and Block B in a 6 by 6 design. 

Add borders. 
Fabric #4 - Cut 5 strips 2” wide
Fabric #5 - Cut 6 strips 4 ½” wide
Fabric #3 - cut 6 strips 2 ½” wide

This quilt has been thoroughly belly-tested by my in-house quilt inspector, Annabella.  

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday 10/17/11

Another step done on the Christmas quilt, yay!  I just made some hst's to add for a border.  Unfortunately, they didn't come out the right size, so I'll have to do an "adjustment" border.  Do I need another outer border?

And I made several more blocks for the Fiesta! quilt.  These are just on the design wall for the picture, they're in no particular order.  Looks like it's going a little purple, need to add some other colors.  The photo really doesn't show the colors all that well.  Maybe next shot, when I add more :-)

Go to Judy's blog for more works in progress, designs on the wall, and great ideas!

Beautiful weather on the Plateau right now, getting pretty warm today, about 79 degrees!!  But starting Wed night it will be in the 30s at night, and only in the 40s during the day.  After the front passes through, it will be sunny, which is perfect weather, as far as I'm concerned!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Whoop Whoop! 10/7/11

After I finished the "Flurry" top, I loaded this onto the Avante.  It's old fabric I purchased years ago from a vendor at the AQS Show in Nashville, one of those five 1-yard bundles.  Couldn't figure out what to do with them!  I mentioned it online somewhere, and a lady graciously sent me a hand-drawn copy of this pattern, which I really love!  Of course, the fabric was bundled with the pattern in the UFO closet for years and years.  Now I really love the quilt, I hope I can quilt it nicely enough for a Christmas gift :-)

Do you longarm quilters have your rulers and templates stored where  you can find them?  I had them stuffed in a drawer, and had to rummage around trying to find the one I needed.  (Except the Line Tamer, which has a permanent pocket in my quilting apron at all times!)  As I was in a resale shop the other day, I ran across this cute little CD holder.  Hmmmm.  Wonder if that would work?  Well, yes!  It works great!  Not for the larger circles, for example, but for the little ones that got hidden in the bottom of the pile, this works a charm.  I've asked my dear hubby (now called Captain B. Cool -- LOL!) to mount it on the wall in the Avante room.  Very handy, indeed!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh, for goodness sake...

It just would not go right!  Ever run across one of those patterns?  I checked twice to be sure I had the right fabrics and the right yardage.  But when I went to cut the strips, nooooooo.  Fortunately, I was using unbleached muslin, so I was able to borrow some from a friend.  Oh wait, I guess you don't really "borrow" fabric to use in a quilt, do you?  I studied it all, and the pattern was correct, but I had a bazillion extra parts, and not enough of others.  Guess my brain was not engaged!  You can see where I inserted a piece of fabric to make the borders long enough.  BTW, the border's not really crooked, there are pins underneath on the design wall.  But the top is done, and I'm ready to start quilting!  Guess I'll make mug rugs or tabletoppers from the extra bits.  Go over to Judy's blog here: to see dozens of other "design wall Monday" projects!
Our local airport had an open house on Saturday, and someone took a picture of my hubby in his Glasair II.  It was terribly windy, so he didn't fly it, but it drew lots of attention on the sidelines.  It was a great success, hooray!  Although it was quite chilly, it was much better than last year, when it was hot, hot, hot!

It was a great weekend!