Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Well, foo.  I missed Friday's Whoop Whoop!  I missed Design Wall Monday.  Here it is, Tuesday.  So I'm just here to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to us who celebrate it!  I'm going to be busy tomorrow getting ready.  Two of our fave couples are coming over -- which seldom happens because all our kids live from one end of the U.S. to the other and in between.  And it's gonna be easy -- everyone's bringing a couple of dishes, and I'm doing the turkey.

I did something quilt-y this week, but I'll save it for a post Friday, cuz I'm sho'nuff not gonna be shopping out there!!!!  And here's a little hint of a giftie for someone, I'll bet you can guess what it's going to be, can't you?!?!
I read somewhere that a study of octogenarians showed three traits in common.
1.  Love someone.
2.  Have something to do.
3.  Have something to look forward to.

I wish you all of the above :-D  Have a wonderful, safe, thankful, Thanksgiving!

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