Sunday, May 13, 2012

Report of Busyness

Hello, all y'all!  I'm here to tell ya: I've been a busy girl since last we visited!  Went to Paducah a couple of weeks ago -- you know the song, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco?"  Yeah, I did that.  But I left my money in Paducah, ouch!  However, I did procure couple of pieces that I needed to begin work on my Rhapsody -- Ricky and Justin were so sweet to help me pick out some pretties at their booth -- woohoo!  No photos, sorry.  But some day down the road I hope I'll have some Design Wall stuff to show.
I did get some quilting done since I've been back.  My friend Val made a gorgeous tablerunner and asked if I could get it quilted really quick, so here it is.  Isn't it yummy!?!?!?!
This quilt was made by my pal MA, who gave this to me to be quilted a couple of weeks ago.  I just got it done before Val gave me hers.  Black and white is always so pretty -- I just did some loops and Diane's Headbands, which is what was in the white with black border.  I think she liked it!
And I've started quilting a special quilt for a special someone -- here's a sneak peek:
My baby boy sent me a gorgeous little flower basket with pink and purple "purties" for Mother's Day.  He had it sent on Friday so I'd be able to enjoy it all weekend.  I'm a lucky Mom!
Annabella has been a great assistant and supervisor of all my efforts. However, she's completely worn out!  And in quite a knot -- which paw goes where?


  1. Love the quilting on the table runner, so very pretty, and fabrics just make me relax ;) Little Annabelle looks pretty cozy there on that quilt. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!!

  2. Went to Paducah too, Wasn't it FUN! I see it being a yearly venture. I love black and white quilts and the one you quilted is lovely.