Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Sit on My Quilt!! (not)

I saw a world-famous teacher on TV (probably Simply Quilts) several years ago, who was showing off a beautiful quilt she'd made for her new granddaughter.  When she was asked how the family liked the gift, she said oh no, she wasn't giving it to her until she was 18 (or maybe even 21, she may have said).  What's the point?  I make so many quilts, my kids couldn't use them up fast enough!  I'd hate to die and have someone discover a pile of quilts that were "put away" and never used.  I don't even "get" wrapping grandma or great-grandma's quilts in archival papers and all that.  They were meant to be loved, not put in storage.  There, I said it.

This rant was precipitated by a blog I read about quilters who put away their "masterpieces" that are only brought out for "show and tell." They feel strongly that after all the work they put into making a quilt, it should be kept pristine and admired from afar.  I understand there are those who love the history of quilts, and believe all things old should be kept forever.   I totally disagree.  If I make a quilt, I want someone to use it up!!!  Seeing photos taken in my family's home, where there are quilts piled into the corner of the couch, or wrapped around a kid, or even being held down by a cat, makes me smile from ear to ear.

Just one last thing before I clamber down off my soapbox.  Grab a quilt, snuggle into it, pull it up over your head and read a book, or take a nap in it.  Isn't a shame that there are quilts in the world not doing their job?!  

OK, done for today.  Hope this blog (with the modeling assistance of Annabella, The Beautiful One, and Patches) helps to rescue quilts kept prisoner in a chest, box, closet or even (gasp!) under a mattress!

Quilty hugs,

PS - I apologize to those who regularly do Show and Tell and lectures, teachers, those who make shop samples, etc.  There is certainly a place and time for making quilts that won't be used, at least right away.  I just meant generally speaking, quilts should be loved and sat on.


  1. Most excellent and I would agree. Accept that my daughter has glommed all of my quilts! Dunno if that means I'm not worthy or that she >really< loves her Mummu! I'm thinking the latter.


  2. I agree with you! We use everyone gets to use the quilts that I have made in my house (including the dog). I made one last year for relative and they were horrified when they found out that my dog laid under it while I was hand stitching the binding because he might mess it up. He doesn't mess them up, he just gets cold and likes to curl up in a blanket like anyone would.

  3. Every quilt I make gets used. Even before they are completed, Wrigley (Australian Shepherd) has laid on it while I hand quilt. Therefore, all quilts are pre-used!!! Seriously, most of the quilts I made are donated to CPS for kids that need them. I'm sure they are used. It does no good for them to sit on my shelf! I totally agree with you.

  4. Quilts are there to be used. And if our 4 leg friends want to join in the fun, why not. Cute kitty! I wish they will show Simply Quilts again, I do miss the show.
    Happy Quilting,

  5. I especially agree this last couple weeks! I was under the weather and the only way I could get warm was adding a heavy, hand stitched quilt to the pile of blankets.

    I also agree with your 'p.s.' Special quilts are a beautiful way to preserve history or commemorate an event and can be decorative only...but, those kind should be few an far between. :)

  6. oh i so agree.... whats the point! The best quilt is an old quilt! one that has been washed so many times, is wrinkly and is even falling a part a bit... it has been well used and well loved. I dont like stiff quilts that have never been washed because they sit in the cupboard! Thank you for sharing this

  7. Spoken from the heart, and I totaly agree, and so do my cats, why, they even testdrive the quilts before they are finished!