Thursday, February 24, 2011

QAWM (Quilt Along With Melody)

At the beginning of February, Melody at issued a "I always wanted to make..." challenge.  While what I made wasn't something I always wanted to make, I used something she made as inspiration for a backing on my red and white "Party on The Block" quilt.

Somewhere along the way, I mixed something around, so there were three blocks that didn't play well with the others.  So, they are going to be a tablerunner!  (Making lemonade, here!)

By the time I got to making a back for the quilt, I was pretty much ready to throw up sick and tired d-u-n with red and white, and felt like I might not make another one in my lifetime for awhile.  So, inspired by the gorgeous quilt Melody made from her hand dyed fabrics, I cut and hacked all the scraps and pieces I had left, and sewed them together for the back.

It does the job.  And it's nearly finished.  Oh, and I sewed little scraps together to make a red and white binding.  I'll be sew glad to have this quilted and bound and outta here!!!  

A little late for Valentine's Day, so guess I'll have to pack it away for next year.  Oh, darn!

And apologies to Melody for having the audacity to even refer to her beautiful strippy quilt in the same paragraph as what I did.  You've gotta go see it here:

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