Saturday, May 7, 2011

Glory Be!

It just gets better, but I don't know how today could be improved on!  It started with a blog I read this morning: 
Madame Samm's guest blogger was a lady I met nearly ten years ago when I joined my very first quilt guild in Fairfield, TX.  I was a totally new quilter, and I'd never even heard of a guild!  I was so thrilled to find her, to read her blog, Molly's Place here:  and to catch up on what some of the ladies I knew back then have been doing!  Go visit her for a taste of East Texas :-)

Then my hubby called me from the airport and asked if I wanted to take a short flight around the town, just because it was such a beautiful day, perfect for flying.  Even though he's a pilot, I haven't flown in a small airplane in years, so I thoroughly enjoyed it!  

Today's mail brought me the bestest Mother's Day card, Ev.Er.  It has a beautiful cat diva, wearing a diamond necklace and a tiara and reclining on a silk pillow, with the greeting "Hail to thee, Your Royal Momness!"  Isn't that great?!?!?  My baby boy can sure pick out perfect cards!   

He knew it would be really hard to get into a restaurant tomorrow for Mother's Day, so my hubby suggested we drive down to Knoxville and go to my favorite restaurant, Famous Dave's.  Barbeque and blues, can't be beat!  Last night, a girlfriend and I took each other to a blues concert at the wonderful Palace Theatre here in town, and had a blast.  Her birthday and mine are both this month, so we do something fun together every May.  It was a wonderful concert, by the way, with Janna and Her Cool Friends.  Amazing talented people, with so much energy and love for the blues, it was a great time.  

When we got home, a florist delivered my favorite flowers, tulips -- pink ones! -- for Mother's Day.  Aren't they simply perfect?  These are from Kelly, Ken, Jon, Matt, and Nyssa, my perfect kidz, my son his wife and family. 

So, from start to finish, this day has been just wonderful, full of fun and smiles and joy and blessings.  And my Annie is pleased.   


  1. Great Mother's Day, Birthday and May for Me day. How lovely!!

  2. You had a Mother's Weekend, not just Day! It just keeps going and going! You are blessed!


  3. What a blessing! Happy Mothers Day my dear!