Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sewing Room Cocktail!

Take my sewing room, turn it upside down, then shake.  That's what it looked like yesterday!  I forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it was awful.  My HQ Avante is showing up here next Tuesday -- wooohooo, yippeee, at last!  My sewing room measures about 11 1/2' x 13'  In there, I had my computer table, cutting table, ironing board, large Horn cabinet (opened), and several wicker etageres for fabric, books, TV, and all those miscellaneous sewing room necessities.  Impossible to stuff a midarm on a 10' frame in there, right?  Of course!  something had to go into the second bedroom, which measures 11 1/2' x 12, and which already has a bed, triple dresser and end table.

My DH doesn't do furniture moving without a lot of gentle urging (wasn't that diplomatic?!) so I had to be certain the furniture I needed to move would fit and function as planned.  So I measured everything in the other bedroom and everything in the sewing room.  I drew them all to scale on gridded paper, and played with the layout.  I even made a list of what needed to be moved first, then next, etc.  Can you believe it -- I put the computer table and sewing table (not open) and two etageres into the bedroom, which leaves just the cutting table, an etagere and ironing board in the sewing room.  Hey wait.  Can it still be called a sewing room when there's no sewing machine?  

After much shuffling of stuff and things, I have enough room for the midarm!!!  I hope!  Now I'm nervous about it.  But the cutting table is on wheels and can come out of there, as can the ironing board.  If I don't have one other thing in that room, I will make room for the midarm!!!!!!!  This is something I've wanted for years, ever since I started quilting, just about.  I've saved a part of my piddly little social security check, and after five years, I'm getting it!  I have a huge stack of flimsies, ready for practice :-)


  1. Good for you - I would so like the Avante'! I have practiced on many and this is the one that won my heart. Oh, show lot's of photos and any of your progress in the use of the machine.

  2. My cousin's wife has hers in the dining room. They eat in the kitchen. It is all about priorities! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! You might want to check your facebook. :)

  3. How wonderful! I wish you many hours of quilting enjoyment. Great job to get everything moved around and in it's place :)

  4. I think I would cut out a wall if necessary! Have lots of fun with your new toy!