Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Accomplishments -- Whoop Whoop!

When I was going through my UFOs/kits/PIGS/misc stuff the other day to try and come up with my 2012 UFO Challenge list, I kept wishing I'd kept my 2011 Challenge list to see what I'd accomplished. Then I realized I had blogged about many of them! I went through my blog, and made a list of the things I worked on this year, and I was very surprised at how much I did!  

UFOs finished: 8 (some wallhangings, two large bed quilts, a tabletopper and a bag)  Two small wallhangings didn't get their pictures taken before they left home, and the Egg Money quilt is still on the quilting frame.  It's finished except for the binding, but I'm going to have it done this year, for sure!  

 New quilts: 13  (most were lap quilts, 3 baby quilts, a tablerunner, but there was one large queen size bed quilt)

Quilted for others: 8 (4 comfort quilts, 4 for-hire)  For some reason, two pictures wouldn't come up correctly, oh well.

Misc new finishes:  16 (10 are mini blocks of the month)(totes, blocks for guild, strip baskets)  I don't have pictures of the mini-blocks, or one of the baskets.  The strips in the pics turned into fabric bowl/baskets.

Way to go!  Yay, me!  I did much more than I would have guessed.  (And some I didn't blog about or take pictures of.) In 2012, I hope to keep a much better list, and take pictures of everything.  

Oh, and one last thing -- UFOs created in 2011: 2   I will have Fiesta! and the Lavender Strippy to add to my 2012 to-do list.  Not bad, considering how many UFOs I usually create!

Happy quilting in 2012!!

Now, go see Sarah's page where others have posted their accomplishments, or plans for the coming year.


  1. Only 2 UFO's is pretty good:) You have been very productive!

  2. You have had a fabulous year, looks like! Whoop whoop!!