Monday, August 20, 2012

Design Wall Monday August 20, 2012

I hesitated before writing the title of this post, because, well, it's not exactly true.  And I hate to tell a lie.  Except a little white lie.  You know what that is, right?  I heard a story -- don't know whether it's true -- that I just love about little white lies.  Lady Bird Johnson (for you youngsters, that's Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson, First Lady, eons ago) who was being interviewed by a snarky young reporter who was trying to get her to say something bad about her husband.  Lady Bird was a true Southern lady, sweet and gentle, who always stood up for her husband, no matter what.  He asked whether she ever lied for him, and she said she never lied except for an occasional little white lie.  He pounced on that and said, "What's the difference?  What's a little white lie?"  She very sweetly replied, "Well, for example, remember when I said, 'I'm pleased to meet you?"

And speaking of Lady Bird, if you have ever driven along highways in Spring, when the roadsides are masses of glorious color, you can whisper a thanks to Mrs. Johnson.  She was instrumental in instituting the Highway Beautification Act in Congress.  It was considered silly at the time, but we are still reveling in the results.

But I digress.  Maybe I do that when I'm trying not to lie.  So I decided I would take an actual picture of my design wall.  

However, I have done a LOT of quilting since my last post!  I finished my autumn quilt (quilted and bound it) and pics will follow once it's on the bed.  I quilted these three (not the one my friend is holding, the one on the frame!), and also one other baby quilt I forgot to photograph.  Whew, I've been busy!  

AND, I pieced the Wee Village top.  This picture is from when it was on the design wall.  I'll post it again when it's finished.
In between, I've been rummaging around with  My son started doing this a couple of years ago, and I've watched the progress. Then it became like a mystery, trying to fill in the blanks.  So he's added me to his account so that I can get in there and add stuff that I know about.  What fun!!  

I'm going over to link up with Judy's blog, and check on other Design Wall Monday shows!  Come along:


  1. Although it is fun to watch the progress and process of a quilt, it also very pleasing to see the finish.

  2. Very nice finishes! Your quilts are all so pretty!

  3. Great Quilts! Your village is adorable!

  4. I never worry about an empty wall. I have a design ironing board, a design deck, a design quilt frame, etc. Usually when something is on my wall it is because I am trying to figure out what to do with it. ;-)

  5. What a great pattern on the red and white quilt. Is it a panto or free hand? You sure have been busy, love the animals quilted in the squares, super cute.

    1. Thanks, Sue! The panto is Bouquet by Lorien Quilting. It was fine when I started, but slightly too big when I was 3/4 finished because the take-up roller got bigger and bigger! I had to fudge a little, but it came out fine.

  6. Lady Bird was a true lady. My 2nd cousin was LBJ's press sec in the White House. He stayed in touch with Lady Bird until she passed away. He thought quite a lot of her.