Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunkissed Buttercups and Tulips, Oh My!

SCORE!!!  I fell in love with the Moda Sunkissed line by Sweetwater when I first saw it online several weeks ago.  I found a  fat eighths bundle, and snarfed it up and stuffed it into the bottom of my shopping bag.  

SCORE AGAIN!!  And then I found the Moda Buttercup line by Joanna Figueroa that has had me drooling on my keyboard when I saw it online.  Bought a layer cake, and added another layer in my shopping bag.

SCORE SCORE SCORE SCORE!!!!  (Is this beginning to sound like a video game?)  I've been collecting bits and pieces of fabric for a QIMM (Quilt in My Mind).  I was inspired by the yummy Philip Jacobs Tulip print in the front.  The four that are fanned on the right are the ones I found and piled on top of the others in my bag.  

Not to mention the scrump-o aqua batik I found, the pink-y/peach-y yard and a couple of light greenish/blue prints to go with some "modern" fabrics I've been gathering.  And one or two (ha!) other bits I NEEDED!  My shopping bag was awfully heavy before very long.  Must have been the very heavy Marti Michell Log Cabin ruler, right?!  And that didn't even include the half dozen or so books I bought!

Where did I find this wonderful bonanza?  At the Pigeon Forge (TN) Mountain Quiltfest.  It's really one of my fave quilt shows, small enough to see all the amazing quilts, shop lots and lots of vendors, in a town where there are lots of places to eat, things to see, wonderful views of the Great Smoky Mountains.  And all that topped off by being with six great friends in a really nice condo, where we laughed and yakked and did show and tell. 

Most of them went to the dinner/lecture by Bonnie Hunter, and they just raved about her.  One took a class by Bonnie, the Scrappy Queen!  I hope she'll be back, because I definitely want to take her class.  Some of us went to see Darlene Zimmerman's dinner/lecture, called "From Ho-Hum to Wow!"  Very good lecture, she gave lots of options for dolling up your quilts, including settings and borders.  I highly recommend it.   

Annie liked the Buttercup wrapping the best :-) Gotta run!  Laundry and stash arranging awaits, so I'll see you all later!  

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