Saturday, April 2, 2011

Threads, threads, threads!

As much as I am a fabric-holic, I am also a thread-holic!  Colors, shimmer, shine, glow, variegates in every color direction, yumm-o!
These are threads I've collected, mostly for quilting, but there are water solubles, fusibles, clear and smoke, bobbin, jeans threads.  In the bottom pockets are my cones for piecing.  Yikes!  I ran out of two cones this week while I was on my sewing marathon, so had to order more -- I got some 60wt Presencia cotton cones, I'm becoming a thread snob!  Handy hint:  You know those little bags of silica gel that come in the box when you buy shoes.  Put it into a plastic bag with your water soluble thread to keep it dry :-)

And in the closet I've hidden my little rack that has my old sewing threads that I use for odds and ends stitching.  That collection is getting sparse.  (I hide it up high so Annabella doesn't eat it.  'Nother story.)

 Is this a natural side effect of being a fabric collector?  Or is this another illness!?


  1. I have a collection of thread too. Some very old stuff from my grandmother - used for basting. Lots of odds and ends - you never know when you will need that color. Egyptian cotton, 100% cotton, Silk, And a case of cone thread in all colors - half my cotton piecing thread and the other is the new Pro line for quilting (love it). You are not alone.

  2. LOL! I only thought I had too much thread to deal with. I love your over-the-door holder -- was it marketed as a shoe holder? Anyway, very good idea (which I may adopt). Thanks for sharing.

  3. You collect thread, and I collect ways to mark quilt tops since I'm a hand quilter. I also have TONS of hand quilting thread that may never get used. I love hand quilting threads! What a great way to store your threads. I wish I had a sewing space so I could try this.

  4. What a great idea for storing your it!

  5. I love the color sorted threads. I'm becoming more of a thread snob myself...