Friday, April 29, 2011

Whoop Whoop! 4/29

Material Girls, Stash Management, Swanky!  Quilted!  Whoop, Whoop!!  They were patiently waiting (what choice did they have, I mean, really?) in my little stack giant pile of flimsies to be quilted.  
I might put these for sale in our "Quilters Corner Market" at our quilt show in June.  It would be nice to get some money coming in so I can buy more fabric to make more quilts that I'd have to sell to make some money to buy more fabric.

It really feels good to get these quilted.  On one, I remembered to stitch the binding to the back so that I could just bring it to the front and machine stitch it down.  On another, I forgot and sewed it to the front, so I'm in the middle of hand-stitching it to the back.  I hate that!!!!  It takes me longer to hand-sew binding than to quilt -- grrr.  The pink and green quilt is pretty large, so I hope I remember to put the binding on the back.

I hope your ideas remain in memory longer than mine!

Go see Sarah here: to add your Friday Whoop, Whoop! and to see what others have done this week!


  1. WOW - nose to the grind stone! Way to go in getting so many finished. I love your insight into the money for fabric, to sell, etc...... The wheel keeps turning.

  2. If I don't write my ideas down...they're gone!!
    You've been busy....beautiful work. You picked up a new follower.

  3. Holy Mackerel! You quilted 3 quilts this week?! That is incredible - I have two sitting and can't even get myself to do the basting part!

    And I agree with Kiera - I'm getting to where I absolutely have to write everything down. I didn't used to be like that so much...

  4. You could machine stitch it to the back it is just a little trickier, I have done it though and it turned out fine:) Keep that energy rolling!!

  5. Awesome week for you~! I like your's why I take in quilting for buy more fabric. Hey, mu short term memory is down to one kilobyte--I have to write a list to remember what I am getting when I visit my storage in the basement. Ahhgahh... I too, stitch to the back and flip to the front to top stitch the bindings.

  6. Sounds like you have a plan. Congratulations! Three tops quilted in one week is an amazing amount of work.

  7. You did great this week, Brita!! And such pretty quilts, too!! Whoop whoop!!