Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge for January

This was #5 on my 2012 UFO Challenge list, one of Curtis Boehringer Quilting's Old World Santas, called "The Holly Father Christmas."  The block has been made for a loooong time, but when I did some thread painting on it, I wasn't happy with the results.  And thread painting is miles and miles of dense quilting.  Unstitching was not an option.  So I did the only thing I knew to fix it: I put it in the UFO closet and left it there.  It's probably a good thing #5 was the first one chosen from the list, because while I love the piece, I still don't love the thread painting, and would probably have put it back in the closet to sulk awhile longer.  This would not be a good way to start the UFO Challenge, however, so I'm going to work on it, beginning next week.  It needs a few more miles of thread painting, then I'll need to sandwich and quilt it.  You can't see the entire wallhanging in this picture, but it's a complete top, borders and all, measuring 28" by 45", and it really will be beautiful when it's finished.

Anyone else struggling with your #5?  Go see Judy Laquidara's website where she talks about the challenge.  And join in -- it's never too late to work on that pile of UFOs!  There are 191 who have already joined and committed!


  1. My #5 is one I'd like to do but I've only cut about half the fabric. And I have to do a few other things first, soooo, I can't start on it yet. I'm hoping next week to be able to work on it. I was kinda hoping to get #3 or #6 first. They'd be easier for me to accomplish. So I guess I'm right there with you. That's why we're doing it this way I guess, to make us do a few of those we keep putting off.

  2. I didn't sign up this year - actually only have 6 UFO's and they are all large quilts that need a long armer to finish. This is sweet - I love old world Santas and is going to be a treasure when you finish.

  3. Your Santa is a beautiful piece. Good luck on completing it so you will be able to enjoy it in December.