Monday, October 22, 2012

Design Wall Monday Oct 22, 2012

Have you ever made a "Winning Hand" by Quilt In a Day?  This is fast, fast, fast and fun!  I picked up the pattern/booklet at a garage sale several weeks ago.  When I showed it to a quilting pal, she said she'd never made one and suggested it would be a good one to try on one of our stitchin' days.  I made mine scrappy, but used the same colors throughout.  And yes, it is so easy. 

When I assembled the blocks, I tried to put the colors in the same position in each block, but messed up about three.  So to try and cover it up, instead of setting them exactly the same, I mixed them up.  Not sure about that.  I made 15 blocks for a twin size, but I might re-set them to match each other and just have a lap size.  Heaven forbid I take the three apart and re-sew them.  Nope.  I'm using the deep purple for sashing, and the floral for the border.  


  1. Lovely splash of color! Hey, my cards are always mixed up.

  2. I really like them all mixed up - and I love the purple sashing!

  3. Looks wonderful. I love the color.

  4. LOVE your border fabric!! Your cards are great!!

  5. Don't remake them - I like them all mixed up - the true essance of a scrap quilt is to let them lie where they land :) I also agree the border fabric is perfect.

  6. The wonderful "card trick" block was designed by Jeff Gutcheon and published in one of the books he wrote with his then wife, Beth Gutcheon. I love your colorful blocks!

  7. Very nice. Love the bright colors.

  8. I wouldn't change a thing as this is such a lovely quilt just as it is. And it will look great on a bed or over the back of a couch.

  9. Great quilt. The purple really makes the other colors sing. I like the mixed up colors. Nifty quilt.

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  11. Brita, where have you been? You've been missed in the blog world. Hope everything is ok with you.

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  13. I love love Annabelle. My sister lives in Maryville TN. Is that near you? Lots of quilters there! Can't believe the quilt was fast. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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